Shaking Tower Panda

Panda is trapped on a tower and your goal is to get him back to the ground safely. Remove blocks and keep panda in balance by tilting your phone. Good strategy and quick fingers are needed as various formations
and blocks with diverse properties complicate your mission.

Addictive gameplay and 75 levels will keep you busy for a good while.

Download free version from Android Market or
Download ad free version (1.5€)




"Shaking Tower Panda is a must-have for the Android gamer, and if you’re looking for the next greatest diversion, it’s already landed."

"Not only is Shaking Tower Panda innovative, but it also looks pretty darn good on the Android platform, as well!

"We can’t get over how cool this free application is", Read the whole review








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Planning a trip to China or want to understand what that tattoo on your friends arm says? Learning Chinese characters has never been easier or more addictive. We have handpicked 500 characters that you’ll come across on daily basis. Image of the character, phonetic transcription and instant feedback will force you to learn. You can choose from 50 characters quiz, 100 characters quiz and 500 characters quiz. There’s also a dictionary and a high score record to follow your progress.

Download from Android Market